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Tessera Digital can turn streams of anonymous data into sharp marketing insights.

Our multi-channel data sources and proprietary algorithms are capable of identifying new market opportunities and revenue streams that would otherwise have been impossible to uncover. In addition, our specialized approach is ideal for strategic marketing and branding companies seeking tailor-made solutions on a campaign-by-campaign basis.



Data Analysis



We understand that statisticians see the world differently. In order to allow our customers to make effective and efficient use of our products, we have spent countless hours working together with our clients in order to ensure that the output is not only accurate and reliable, but as concise and actionable as possible.

Data Analysis

It is no secret that the larger your data-set, the more statistically accurate your results. In the world of aggregative digital-data, scale is measured in terabytes per day. We have spent years implementing and refining big-data technologies and have deployed our solutions using the most powerful servers available. This scale is what allows us to provide such highly reliable customer and market insights.


Tessera Digital understands that there is enormous value in diversification. While it can be tempting to concentrate on one particular high-quality data-source, we prefer to draw on as large a variety of data-channels as possible. Aggregating over many billions of data points, we are able to create the most up-to-date, reliable and accurate snap-shot of the global digital world.

Local Resolution at a Global Scale

The digital advertising market is in the midst of a large-scale consolidation. In a globalizing world, this means that, increasingly, services in the market are being geared towards global markets. A firm interested in accurate insights at the local level is often-times forced to rely on watered-down global trends or extrapolations of nearby markets. Tessera understands that, at the end of the day, we are all locals. In this spirit, we have developed a range of products that provide our customers with insights at local resolution and with global scale. By working hand in hand with local

We aim to provide a product that is both global in scale and local in resolution. While simply aggregating traffic from global hubs is enough to provide macro-level market insights, it lacks the resolution necessary for retailers aiming to execute truly effective local and regional campaigns. We here at Tessera Digital have decided to cast as wide a net as possible, including intensive work at the local and regional levels. This allows us to deliver truly accurate market insights at scale, without losing sight of the finer points associated with individual markets.

Cutting Edge
Audience Analytics

Collecting and handling this data is only half the battle. In order to effectively analyze such large quantities of data, we employ advanced statistical models and machine-learning techniques that allow us to effectively combine large and disparate data-sets and make accurate extrapolations across digital-market segments the world over.

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