Tessera Digital is a boutique data analysis and market intelligence firm providing marketers unique insights and offering publishers monetization opportunities.

Our offer to marketers

Breakthrough the data-filled noise and find a clear path to valuable customer insights and new ways to market your brand.

Our multi-channel data sources and proprietary algorithms are capable of identifying new market opportunities and revenue streams that would otherwise have been impossible to uncover. In addition, our specialized approach is ideal for strategic marketing and branding companies seeking tailor-made solutions on a campaign-by-campaign basis.

Insights & Data Analysis

We ensure data and statistics are streamlined into concise, actionable, and trustworthy results for each and every client. Our insights give you a comprehensive view of customer preferences and allow you to discover a treasure trove of possibilities as you capitalize on new trends, market segments, and resources.

Years of experience in implementing and refining big-data technologies are at your service. Our solutions are backed by the most up-to-date servers, advanced statistical models, and machine-learning techniques so that your results are at the largest scale possible and come with the most reliable customer and market insights.


Diversification isn’t just a friend to the financial world––the digital realm thrives on it too. We draw on a large variety of data channels, aggregating many billions of data points to deliver high-quality, reliable insights. We want to ensure no opportunity is missed, and our up-to-date and accurate bird’s-eye view yields more value than a single source.

Casting a Wider Net and identifying new opportunities

Here at Tessera Digital, you can rely on local resolutions on a global scale. You get the best of both worlds in a globalizing market with macro-level market insights without losing the solutions that make for effective local and regional campaigns. So, at the end of the day, our accurate results capture the whole while also targeting your individual niches – a WIN-WIN.

Brand Awareness

Expand your brand’s reach using our market insights. With campaigns driven by data, your products and services can not only reach the eyes of more consumers but more of the “right consumers” in your target market. We’re quick, accurate, and results-driven to bring increased opportunities and repeat business to your brand with an awareness that lasts. 


Capture more sales effortlessly with our retargeting campaigns powered by our advanced data-driven technologies. We’ll effectively employ analysis-based strategic advertising to help you grab hold of your site visitors’ attention after they leave.

We take data security seriously. All data that we work with are:

  • secure at all times
  • GDPR-compliant
  • anonymous and private

Tessera Digital is your first step towards data-driven insights and recommendations that improve your user and customer experiences while increasing revenue for your business.

About us

Marton Hamar

Chief Executive Officer

Mission statement

Our mission is to create a more effective and fluid digital experience for users while maximizing profits for marketers and businesses. All of our processes and systems are dynamic and agile, keeping us on top of the ever-changing online landscape. We further guarantee privacy as one of our top priorities to maintain trust and safety of user data. By upholding these highest of standards, we deliver comprehensive value for clients and partners.

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