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Who We are

Our team is living proof that opposites attract. Representing 3 different continents, eight different countries, four different languages, and with PhDs in everything from Statistics and Software Engineering to Art History, we have sought to assemble a group of individuals that are not only passionate about the work they do, but that also embody and embrace our new globalized world. We believe that this diversity is key to creating a product that is relevant in today's world.

Meet Tessera Digital

Do or do not, there is no try.
Our engineers, statisticians, accountants and designers spend almost every waking moment together, working, eating, and creating in the same space (don't worry, there is enough room for everybody). This multi-disciplinary 'Full House' is our home, and we are confident that the products created here are not only cutting-edge in their functionality, but also in their usability and relevance.

Rafael Falcao

Chief Executive Officer

Hero Level: 100

From Portugal with love. Rafa has been in business since time itself. He is the glue that holds Tessera together.

Dan Fletcher

Chief Technology Officer

Hero Level: 100

Techno-electro freeze wizard from Canada. Controls all technology and electrons in the world. Dangerous stuff.

Celine Lancel

Chief Operating Officer

Hero Level: 100

The French assassin with a heart of gold. Celine runs the action and knows the best places in town.

Brent Wilson


Hero Level: 100

The OG viking from Denmark is here to bring law and order. All business goes through him.

Stanislava Susla

Director of Business

Hero Level: 100

Ukrainian flame sorcerer with telepathic abilities. In charge of clients and growth, real people person.

Darko Janevski

Head of Design
and Creative Team

Hero Level: 100

From the mysterious lands of Macedonia, in charge of all things visual. Can conjure matter out of thin air.

Mission Statement

At Tessera Digital we understand that everyone is a digital-content user. Indeed, we have a shared responsibility for the digital space in which we create, work and enjoy. While other media tech companies seek to maximize earnings at the expense of the customer experience, the team at Tessera is fully committed to creating a more effective and coherent digital experience, one that we can all enjoy together.

The tools and products that we create are designed to address inefficiencies that are harmful to both businesses and users alike. We work in the knowledge that the right product, made available to everyone – from the Silicon Valley giants and all the way to your brand new food blog – can change the digital media space for the better. Because at the end of the day we are all in this together!

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